Epoxy Novolac High Temperature
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UPS 402 ENHT Epoxy Novolac High Temperature

UPS 402 ENHT EPOXY NOVOLAC HIGH TEMPERATURE is a high build solvent-free epoxy novolac coating. Designed to provide outstanding abrasion and chemical protection of steel and concrete structures at elevated temperatures.

The coating contains hardened ceramic particles making it ideal for highly abrasive environments with strong industrial chemicals and acids.


Contains hardened ceramic particles making it ideal for highly abrasive environments

Resistant to high acidic sullies at elevated temperatures

Excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals

Outstanding adhesion to correctly prepared surfaces

100% solids high performance epoxy novolac

Provides effective protection to equipment operating in immersed conditions

Reduces downtime and eliminates the need for replacement

Can be applied by brush, roller and airless spray


Applications for UPS 402 ENHT EPOXY NOVOLAC HIGH TEMPERATURE  include:

Tank lining system

Protection of process vessels

Chemical drains and channels

Protection of internal pipe surfaces

Used in sumps, bunds, secondary containment

Pumps and valves etc.,

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Apply by Airless spray

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Apply by Roller

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Apply by Brush

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Wet Heat Resistance up to 90°C (194°F)


Useable Life
45 mins @ 20°C (68°F)

Tensile Shear Adhesion
(ASTM D1002 Abrasive Blasted Mild Steel with 75-micron profile)
196KG/cm² (2,790 psi)

Corrosion Resistance
(ASTM B117)
Minimum 5,000 hours

Available Colours
Dark Grey | Red

Minimum Over-Coating Window
8 hours @ 20°C (68°F)

Abrasion Resistance
Taber CS17 Wheels / 1KG Load
64mg loss / 1000 cycles
0.08cc loss / 1000 cycles

Compressive Strength
(ASTM D695)
790KG/cm²  (11,235 psi)

Pack Sizes
Pack Sizes 4LTR (1.05 US Gallon) | 16LTR (4.2 US Gallon)


4 LTR (1.05 US Gallon) of fully mixed material will give the following coverage rates -

8m² at 500 microns 85ft² at 20 mil

16 LTR (4.2 US Gallon) of fully mixed material will give the following coverage rates -

32m² at 500 microns 343ft² at 20mil

Please note that the coverage rates quoted are theoretical and don't take into consideration the profile or condition of the surface being repaired


Suitable for use in immersed conditions at temperatures up to 90°C (194°F)

Resistant to dry heat in excess of 200°C (392°F) dependent on load


The product demonstrates resistance to a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkalis’, salts and organic media.


(1) Sulphuric Acid

(2) Acetic Acid

(3) Chromic Acid

(4) Hydrobromic Acid

(5) Hydrocholric Acid

(6) Benzene

(7) Phosphoric Acid

(8) Butanol

(9) Nitric Acid

(10) Ammonia Hydroxide

(11) Ethanol

(12) Toluene

(13) Xylene


(1) 98%

(2) 10%

(3) 10%

(4) 40%

(5) 36%

(6) 100%

(7) 75%

(8) 100%

(9) 10%

(10) 30%

(11) 100%

(12) 100%

(13) 100%


(1) 75°C

(2) 50°C

(3) 75°C

(4) 50°C

(5) 50°C

(6) 60°C

(7) 90°C

(8) 50°C

(9) 50°C

(10) 80°C

(11) 60°C

(12) 60°C

(13) 60°C

If the chemical is not listed, please refer to the Unique Polymer Systems Technical Centre for advice.

Email: or call +44 (0) 1531 636 300

UPS 402 ENHT used to protect subject to chemical attack
UPS 402 ENHT used for bund / secondary containment protection


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