Valves, Pipes & Fittings

Providing long term protection for Valves, Pipes & Fittings

Valves, Pipes & Fittings

Unique Polymer Systems (UPS) has an impressive range of composite materials and protective coatings that can repair and provide long term protection for valves, pipes and fittings damaged by erosion, corrosion or chemical attack.

Pipework integrity is vital in every industry and facility worldwide. Everyday damage and corrosion to valves, pipes & fittings can include impact, erosion and chemical attack. UPS has a wide range of repair composite materials and protective coatings specially developed to provide outstanding protection from erosion, corrosion and exceptional chemical resistance.

These materials can be used to repair and rebuild equipment such as; valve bodies, diaphragms, guides & slides and diaphragms. Once the repair and rebuilding has been complete a high performance protective top coat can be used to enhance the equipment and provide long term protection.

UPS Emergency Pipe Repair Bandages are the perfect solution for a ‘quick fix’ where down time is not a question. When used in conjunction other composite materials UPS can provide ‘Live Leak Sealing’ which is the ideal solution when the pressure cannot be isolated.

UPS Composite Wrapping utilises a combination of the UPS 19000 RH THISTLEBOND STANDARD RESIN & HARDENER and UPS 19007/9 GT THISTLEBOND GLASS TAPE to provide a full GRP Composite Wrapping Solution. This system can be used on any size pipework and increases pipe wall thickness and integrity, whilst providing outstanding chemical and pressure resistance. This system provides a downtime saving and an alternative to welding.

Products such as UPS 105 EG THISTLEBOND METAL REPAIR PASTE, 115 XL EXTENDED LIFE METAL and UPS 125 XFP FAST CURING METAL PASTE are frequently used to rebuild and repair damaged flange faces which have been subject to unforgiving operating environments (chemical attack, corrosion, high pressure steam).

Why use UPS solutions on Valves,
Pipes & Fittings?

• Excellent adhesion to poorly prepared surfaces, especially the UPS Emergency Pipe Repair Bandages and UPS 125 XFP FAST CURING METAL PASTE.

• Provide instant leak sealing both to pressurised and un-pressurised systems eliminating down time and production loss.

UPS Composite Wrapping increase pipe integrity and provide outer protection from further corrosive elements.

• Metal repair composites can be used for plate bonding

• Rebuild and repair damaged flange faces.

UPS 782 HAE HEAT ACTIVATED EPOXY can eliminate Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). A single pack epoxy coating which can be brush, roller and spray applied when pipework or equipment is still operational. Uses the heat generate by the equipment to cure.

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