Ceramic enhanced composites for repairs to process equipment subject to abrasion, wear and impact


Unique Polymer Systems (UPS) supplies and distributes a wide range of ceramic enhanced epoxy repair materials which are ideal for repairs to process equipment and components subject to abrasion, wear and impact.

Our Ceramic Enhanced Lining product range is manufactured in the UK and exported to over 40 countries worldwide, we are able to provide local solutions in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia using our approved Distributor & Applicator Network

Our Ceramic Enhanced Linings have been used by some of the largest corporation worldwide to help protect metallic and concrete surfaces from premature failure.

Our Ceramic Enhanced Linings are used in a wide range of industries and through our extensive world-wide network of Distributors & Contractors we are able to offer onsite technical support, training, presentations & seminars backed by project method statements & specifications.

Oil & Gas | Marine (ThistleBond) | Power Generation | Paper & Pulp | General Industry | Chemical & Corrosion | Water & Wastewater | Petrochemical

The UPS Ceramic Lining product range can be sub-divided into three core groups:

Abrasion & Wear Resistant Repair Composites
These abrasion and wear resistance composites have a proven track record globally within many industrial sectors. They have been designed to be applied to fluid flow process equipment and structures in the most challenging of operating environments. The ceramic enhanced products are based on the most advance solvent free technology and are perfectly adapted to rebuild and resurface damaged assets.

Impact Protection Composites
UPS has a unique range of composites which can be used to provide outstanding protection to metallic and concrete surfaces which are subject to severe erosion and impact from high particulate fluid, slurries and aggregates. These products have been proven to extend the working life and provide protection of critical process assets and components.

High Temperature Resistant Composites
Our advance composites blends based on the latest epoxy novolac resin technology are capable of withstanding immersion in high strength industrial chemicals, acids, hydrocarbons and solvents which operate at extreme temperatures.

Typical applications for the UPS Ceramic Lining Systems

Eroded slurry, sewage and salt-water pump casings & impellers

Damage bow thrusters

Damage chutes & hoppers

Eroded separators

Process vessels

A-Frame & P-Frames

Crushers & grinders


Damaged cyclone housings

Eroded rudders

Worn filter bodies

Internal pipe surfaces & elbows


Conveyor guards

Internal tank linings


Corroded valve casings

Damaged  tube sheets & end plates

Eroded turbine blades



Dredging pumps

Containment areas

Chemical pits & Separators

Features of the Ceramic Lining Systems

Simple and easy to mix

Solvent free

No shrinkage or slumping

Outstanding chemical resistance

Excellent impact abrasion resistance

High levels of adhesion to abrasive blast cleaned metallic surfaces

Benefits of the Ceramic Lining Systems

Reduced downtime of essential equipment

Resistance to wear and impact damage

Cost effective solution to a wide range of maintenance problems

Reduction in life cycle cost of key operating plant & equipment

If you are interested in any of these products or need technical assistance choosing the correct product for your application – Please contact Unique Polymer Systems


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