Emergency Pipe Repair Systems

Seal leaks within 3 minutes!

Emergency Pipe Repair Systems

Unique Polymer Systems (UPS) has developed a unique range of emergency pipe repair systems that can effectively seal leaks within 3 minutes. The repairs can be carried out both to on and off-line systems with minimal surface preparation thanks to the high surface tolerant products

The products have a high-pressure resistance capability (450psi) and high temperature resistance (270°C) making them suitable for all types of leak repair in a wide range of industrial applications.

They are certified for potable water applications (WRAS, NSF61) meaning they can be used at the clean water processes.

Typical applications for the Emergency Pipe Repair Systems

Sealing leaking pipe work

Encapsulation of pipe work for protection

Reinforcement weaken pipe surfaces

Features of the Emergency Pipe Repair Systems

Simple and easy to use

No specialist tools required

Will confirm to different shapes found within pipework: T-Joints, Flanges, Elbow joints etc.,

Can be used on all types of surfaces

Benefits of the Emergency Pipe Repair Systems

Allow quick and effective repairs to leaking pipework

Seals leaks within 3 minutes

Certified for potable water applications

Will even seal gas lines

If you are interested in any of these products or need technical assistance choosing the correct product for your application – Please contact Unique Polymer Systems


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