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High-Performance Solutions to a range of pipework problems
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PipeWrap - Refurbish & Repair

PipeWrap offers high-performance solutions to leaking, corroded & damaged pipework. By using PipeWrap solutions down-time can be minimized and production can keep moving forward.

All manufacturing and service operations can suffer a significant financial loss from a damaged and leaking pipework. Using the PipeWrap solutions will provide a durable and lasting repair which will see your equipment through.

PipeWrap have developed a Live Leak Sealing System whereby you do not need to isolate the pressure - Please check out the UPS 12000 LLRK THISTLEBOND LIVE LEAK REPAIR KIT.

The PipeWrap solutions are broken into two categories;

Emergency Pipe Repair Systems

This section of provides has its main focus on the UPS 19601/3/4/5 PR THISTLEBOND EMERGENCY PIPE REPAIR BANDAGE. This is a unique pipe repair bandage which is moisture cured and extremely surface tolerant making it ideal for emergency repairs to leaking pipework. Varying pressures, temperatures, through-wall defects can be repaired within minutes by using these solutions. The UPS 19601/3/4/5 PR THISTLEBOND EMERGENCY PIPE REPAIR BANDAGE is WRAS Approved for Potable Water applications and carries the BV Type Approval. It can withstand temperatures upto 270°C and pressures up to 400psi.

UPS Composite Wrapping

This set of products uses the world renown Resin & Glass Tape System – UPS 19000 RH THISTLEBOND STANDARD RESIN & HARDENER and UPS 19007/9 GT THISTLEBOND GLASS TAPE. This system can provide a multitude of functions from leak sealing causes by through-wall defects through to outer pipe protection. This solution is ideally suitable for encapsulation of pipe work ranging from 25mm to 660mm (1" to 36") diameter.

PipeWrap has also developed Live Leak Sealing Systems whereby you do not need to turn off the flow. Pressures up to 140psi can be sealed in this way. Please check out the UPS 12000 LLRK THISTLEBOND LIVE LEAK REPAIR KIT.

PipeWrap Product Catalogue

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UPS 445/456 ILS

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UPS 190007/9 GT

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UPS 19003 A&B

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UPS 19060 SG

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