Concrete Repair And Screed Systems

High performance epoxy mortars that can reinstate badly damaged cementitious surfaces

Concrete Repair & Screed Systems

This unique range of concrete repair and screed systems have been specially developed to repair badly damaged cementitious surfaces and provide the ultimate protection from further ware and abrasion.

The products have been specially developed to provide optimum levels of adhesion along with excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistance.

The range covers fast curing patch repair materials, lightweight repair mortar for overheads and vertical repairs and polymer modified cementitious screeds used to eradicate damp and the ingress of moisture.

Typical applications for the UPS Concrete Repair & Screed Systems

Damaged concrete sills





Loading bays

Features of the Concrete Repair & Screed Systems

Fast curing, self-priming patch repairs

Lightweight screed for overhead sills and lintels

No shrinkage or volume chance

Heavy duty trowel applied screed for industrial surfaces

Fast curing plug for sealing live leaks

Polymer modified screed resisting 140psi negative hydrostatic pressure

Benefits of the Chemical & Corrosion Protective Coatings

Guaranteed long-term protection of key assets

Reduced downtime of process equipment and production areas

Cost effective solutions

Reduction in life cycle costs of key operating plant and equipment

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