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Learn about the history of unique polymer systems

Founded in the Heart of the United Kingdom in 1992, Unique Polymer Systems (UPS) is a globally recognised supplier of a unique range of high-performance repair composite materials and specialist protective coatings.

UPS are able to offer unique solutions such as fluid flow equipment linings to corrosion protection for offshore platforms. Our unique solutions can be applied throughout all industrial sectors; Oil & Gas, Marine (ThistleBond), Power Generation, Paper & Pulp, Chemical & Corrosion, Water & Wastewater, Petrochemical & General Industry.

The unique range of products are supplied worldwide throughout our extensive network of global Distributors and Applicators. This enables us to provide local solutions throughout the world including North & South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Our highly trained team are able to offer onsite technical support, training, presentations and seminars back by system recommendations and technical specifications.

We are dedicated to providing unique solutions that fit the specific needs of every client in every industry possible. Our high-quality products linked with our years of experience ensures a remarkable standard of long-term protection, cost effective solutions that ultimately minimise industry downtime.

During the late 1980’s there were major developments within polymer composites and the incorporation of highly engineered ceramics compounds with a high level of abrasion resistance which were becoming more readily available and user friendly.

Founded in 1992 by Robin Pettigrew, Unique Polymer Systems has become an established family run company with over 27 years of experience in supplying specialist engineering repair composites and high-performance protective coatings.

The start of the 2000’s industries started to demand more unique solutions to their problems. Rather than having to opt for the extortionate cost of buying new OEM with the likelihood of the same problems re-occurring again in the future. This new drive meant UPS started working even closer with worldwide customer to provide solutions to ever occurring problems faced by the engineers.

Repair Don’t Replace” became the main objective for companies, that wanted to save on their production costs becoming more competitive in their respective markets, especially with the economic downturn when business confidence in investment was at an all-time low.

At Unique Polymer Systems, we embraced these new, innovate, engineering products to not only protect, but also upgrading the original equipment to perform better and have longer service life.

Specialising in the emergency repair on leaking pipes, vessels, supplying corrosion resistance coating for all types of substrates and in most applications, such as tanks floors, roofs, infrastructure or providing composite elastomer repairs to conveyer belts.

In 2018 Unique Polymer Systems updated their logo & website to stay in touch with the high speed of technology. The primary focus remains ‘Repair Don’t Repair’, which we have entail, ‘Innovate | Rebuild | Enhance’.

Continually researching new products and solutions to help reduce the maintenance budget, enabling equipment and structures to stay in service longer between overhauls. We are committed to give all our customers a positive user experience, priding ourselves on listening to our customers comments and suggestions. Training our Distributors in application techniques remains a priority element with Unique Polymer Systems.


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