UPS Mini-Blaster


The UPS Mini-Blaster

The UPS MINI-BLASTER provides a quick and efficient way of removing existing coatings, corrosion, scale and filler too.

The prepared surface can then accept the UPS Range of Metal Repair, Ceramic Linings, Elastomer (Rubber) Repairs, Emergency & Composite Pipe Repair Systems and much more…


The UPS MINI-BLASTER is ideal for spot scaling (horizontal and vertical), along welds, around flanges and have proven to be very efficient for ballast tank maintenance. They are also ideal for creating a feathered edge on overlap areas of paint. The UPS MINI-BLASTER  is designed to achieve a profile surface of approximately 50 microns (2mils) with a surface cleanliness of ST 3+++.

As UPS only use the highest quality raw materials and most advance manufacturing techniques this means the overall product can be easily machined down to fine tolerances for close fitting components.

Typical applications for the UPS Metal Repair Systems

Seal leaking tank seams

Plate bonding

Repair cracked engine blocks

Bond dissimilar metals

Repair worn bearing housings

Resurface scored hydraulic rams

Repair holed pump casings

Reform flange faces

Repair sloppy/damaged keyways

Rebuild worn drive shafts

Rebuild valve and pump casings

Features & Benefits to the User Include

Handy size scaling machine for small horizontal and vertical areas

Perfect for damage sensitive areas; For Example Paint removal from bolt threads on flanges

High quality construction and ergonomic designed

Able to obtain ST3+++ (SSPC-SP11 +++) without damaging the steel!

With proper use can obtain near ‘Grit Blasted’ profiles.

Has a selection of consumables available for different surfaces & jobs

Delivered ready for use

Benefits of the Metal Repair Systems

Pipe surface preparation prior to Emergency & Composite Pipe Repair

Rubber Belt repairs prior to Elastomer repairs / Conveyor belts

Metallic surfaces prior to the application of UPS Metal Repair

Plate bonding surface preparation

Ballast tank surface preparation

If you are interested in any of these products or need technical assistance choosing the correct product for your application – Please contact Unique Polymer Systems


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