UV Stable Topcoat

UPS 509 UVST UV Stable Topcoat

UPS 509 UVST UV STABLE TOPCOAT is a two-pack solvent based polyurethane UV stable coating. Once cured it offers a tough UV resistant finish with excellent durability and light fastness.

The product is normally used as a UV stable finishing layer to surfaces previously coated with UPS 405 EPC EPOXY PROTECTIVE COATING or UPS 908 MP METAL PRIMER.


Suitable for use in flooring and corrosion
protection applications

Combines good application characteristics with excellent gloss and colour retention

Excellent chemical and solvent resistance

Formally Known  as UV 840/ Uni-Tech UV

Ideal for protection against UV degradation, corrosion
and weathering

Widely used throughout the rail and road infrastructure for
bridge protection

Available in a wide range of colours


Applications for UPS 509 UVST UV STABLE TOPCOAT include:

External surfaces of pipelines

Other land / Marine structures


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Surface Preparation Manual –Mechanical – Abrasive Blast

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20-minute useable life

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Dry heat resistance in excess of 200°C (392°F)

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Cost Effect Solution


Useable Life
30 mins @ 20°C (68°F)

Tensile Shear Adhesion
(ASTM D1002 Abrasive Blasted Mild Steel with 75-micron profile)
195KG/cm² (2,770 psi)

Corrosion Resistance
(ASTM B117)
Minimum 5,000 hours

Available Colours
Any RAL / BS

Minimum Over-Coating Window
90 minutes @ 20°C (68°F)

Salt Fog Resistance
(ASTM B117)
Unaffected after 10,000 hours

Humidity Resistance
Unaffected 5,000 hours

Pack Sizes
5LTR (1.25US Gallon)


5LTR (1.3 US Gallon) of fully mixed product will give the following coverage rates -

50m² at 100 microns 536ft² at 4mil

Please note that the coverage rates quoted are theoretical and do not take into consideration the profile or condition of the surface being repaired


Suitable for use in immersed conditions at temperatures up to 50°C (122°F) dependent on chemical contact

Dry conditions up to 130°C (266°F) dependent on chemical contact


The product demonstrates resistance to a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkalis’, salts and organic media

If the chemical is not listed, please refer to the Unique Polymer Systems Technical Centre for advice

Email: or call +44 (0) 1531 636 300

UPS 509 UVST used to provide outstanding UV / weathering protection to electrical masks
Mechanical grinding to ST3 was the most appropriate method of surface preparation
UPS 509 UVST was brush applied in two coats
UPS 105 EG ThistleBond Metal Repair Paste is a high-performance multi-purpose synthetic metal repair compound specially developed for metal repairs requiring excellent mechanical strength combined with easy machining properties.
Here is a decriptive block text over a slider. Please note that the coverage rates quoted are theoretical and don't take into consideration the profile or condition of the surface being repaired


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