Pump Refurbishment

repair & enhance fluid flow equipment with UPS

pump refurbishment

Unique Polymer Systems (UPS) provide a unique range of metal repair composites, ceramic linings and protective coatings to rebuild and enhance pumps which have been damaged within their operating environments (abrasion, erosion, corrosion, cavitation) and ultimately enhance their efficiency.

Severely damaged pumps can be restored to their original profile of using products such as UPS 105 EG THISTLEBOND METAL REPAIR PASTE and UPS 200 EG CERAMIC REPAIR PASTE. Both of these products can then be machined down to fine tolerances if required.

Next the entire surface can then be protected with a high performance top coat. The appropriate top coat depends on the operating environment of the equipment. For example,

UPS 205 FG FLUID GRADE CERAMIC is used for the majority of pumping environments. This two part ceramic reinforced lining has excellent abrasion and erosion resistance to wide range of operating conditions.

UPS 210 CR EFFICIENCY FLUID CERAMIC is used to enhance the flow rate of pump equipment. This two part ceramic reinforced lining has a high level of silicone carbide which provides a very smooth finish. Ideal for clean water applications and heat exchangers.

UPS 225 HT HIGH TEMPERATURE CERAMIC is perfect for environments operating at higher temperatures; capable of withstanding 130°C full immersed conditions.

is used for extremely abrasive environments such as sludge pumps and slurry chutes.

Ultimately using UPS metal repair composites and ceramic linings will increase the service life of pumping equipment and reduce outage / downtime therefore, reducing frequent maintenance costs.

Why UPS Pump Refurbishment?

• Provides long-term protection from abrasion, erosion and corrosion.

•   Reduce the need for any hot work.

•  Rebuild main components of pumping equipment such as the pump casing and impeller without the need of specialist tools and equipment.

• UPS Repair composite can be machined to fine tolerances making it possible to restore wear ring clearances and other excite components.

• Products cure at ambient temperatures.

•   Unique products to protect against cavitation – UPS 236 TUC TOUGHENED URETHANE CERAMIC.

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