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Unique Polymer Systems METAL REPAIR SYSTEMS

Unique Polymer Systems is a globally renown supplier of a wide range of high-performance Metal Repair materials which offer ideal solutions to worn or damaged mechanical components and process equipment surfaces.

Our Unique Metal Repair product range is manufactured in the heart of UK and exported to over 40 countries worldwide. We are able to provide local solutions in North & South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia using our highly recognized Distributors & Applicator Networks.

Our Metal Repair products are used within all types of industries, throughout our extensive worldwide network of Distributors & Applicators. We are able to offer onsite technical support, training, presentations & seminars back by system recommendations & technical specifications.

Oil & Gas | Marine (ThistleBond) | Power Generation | Paper & Pulp | General Industry | Chemical & Corrosion | Water & Wastewater | Petrochemical

UPS Metal Repair Systems have been perfectly developed to rebuild and resurface worn or badly damaged mechanical equipment and components. The Unique repair composites have been engineered using the most advance solvent free epoxy technology.

The product range comprises of different grades; Paste, Fluid, Quick Cure, Extended Life. This means UPS have a product to suit the numerous repairs faced by engineers.

As UPS only use the highest quality raw materials and most advance manufacturing techniques this means the overall product can be easily machined down to fine tolerances for close fitting components.

Typical applications for the UPS Metal Repair Systems

Seal leaking tank seams

Plate bonding

Repair cracked engine blocks

Bond dissimilar metals

Repair worn bearing housings

Resurface scored hydraulic rams

Repair holed pump casings

Reform flange faces

Repair sloppy/damaged keyways

Rebuild worn drive shafts

Rebuild valve and pump casings

Features of the Metal Repair Systems

Simple and easy to mix

Solvent free

No shrinkage or slumping

Easily machined down to a smooth finish

Good chemical resistance

Capable of resisting temperatures up to 180°C (356°F) Dry

Benefits of the Metal Repair Systems

Allow quick and effective repairs to mechanical components

Reduced downtime of essential equipment

Cost effective solutions to a wide range of maintenance problem

Reduction in life cycle costs of key operating plant

If you are interested in any of these products or need technical assistance choosing the correct product for your application – Please contact Unique Polymer Systems


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